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New in ‘Tools & Guidelines’: COMMIT Indicators of Human Trafficking & Guidelines on Victim Identification and Referral Mechanisms

Two new publications of the COMMIT Process are now available for download.

The ‘Common Indicators of Trafficking and Associated Forms of Exploitation‘ are designed to support the initial screening of possible cases of human trafficking, which more robust victim identification procedures then build upon. The results of such initial screenings will depend on a number of the indicators being apparent, and also their severity in a possible given case.

The indicators were developed jointly by the ASEAN and COMMIT Member States, with support from ILO, IOM, AAPTIP and UN-ACT, and adopted by COMMIT at its Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) in 2016.

At the same SOM, COMMIT Member States also adopted the ‘Common Guidelines on Victim Identification and Referral Mechanisms‘. Developed at the sub-regional level by government and non-government stakeholders, these guidelines provide direction for policy and programming in COMMIT countries, and draw upon the Process’ experiences as well as international agreements and good practices.

The two documents are complementary in nature, and will be operationalised and localised in 2017, with support from UN-ACT and partners.


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