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    A while back, I had a question about social media, and I asked a friend who is an IT guy. He told me that he could not get anyone to look at his blog, which is true since most people do not take social media seriously in the first place. They barely look at it except to post the newest one. So I asked him, who followed me on Tumblr? He replied, Facebook.

    Now then, I understand that there are social networking sites out there that allow you to see who has looked at your website, but who does this anyway? You are supposed to enable people to see who has looked at your site, and you are supposed to allow them to follow you, right? Well, no, because there are a few reasons why someone would want to do that. Let me explain.

    Followers on Twitter

    If you have many followers on Twitter, then someone might go through those feeds and notice that you have a few posts on your wall about the same product that is first released. Now then, if they are huge fans, they will want to see who else is following you on Twitter, so they can follow you to know what you are up to, and maybe they will even buy that product that you are trying to sell.

    Is this unethical? No, because you did not think that someone following you on Twitter would purchase your product, and they probably didn’t. So, no harm \doneright? Right, there is one problem with this, though, and that is if the person who hacked into your account was able to get access to your email server.

    Unscrew the security

    That is right; someone could unscrew the security of your email server and get access to all of your past emails. If this were to happen, you could not do much, but if it was just one person that was doing this, then you could be in serious trouble. Since it was only one person that hacked your account, you would be able to alert them by sending an email to the service provider informing them of the problem.

    However, since the number of people that do this is on the rise, then you need to think outside of the box. There has got to be a better way to track those on your Twitter timeline, and the best way to do that is by using an App.

    An App is a program that you can install on your computer to track whatever activity occurs on your computer. The cool thing about these programs is that they can log and see whatever is being done on your computer. It also can search for any user names or even their avatars. I am pretty sure that you do not want your girlfriend or boyfriend following you on Twitter because you found out that he was going to follow you on Tumblr, so an App is a way to go.

    Unfollowed person

    There are a few different applications out there, but one that I would suggest looking into is Twitrol. Twitrol is a paid application, but it is straightforward to use, and they have a free trial version available as well. This is a great track and trace app that can learn more about an unfollowed person.

    The applications have different levels of tracking, but once you get the hang of it, you can be able to find out the user’s name and where they are located. You could also track down an old friend of yours who you did not keep in contact with, and Twitrol can help you do that.

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