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Thailand's Marine Department’s Regulations on Permission to Work in Fishing Vessels of 30 gross tonnage or over (2014)

Keywords: Fishing, Thailand,

The Marine Department’s Regulations on Permission to Work in Fishing Vessels of 30 gross tonnage or over B.E. 2557 (2014) is Thailand's domestic law governing the employment of workers on Fishing Vessels of 30 gross tonnage or over (2014).

Ministerial Regulation No. 10, B.E. 2541 (A.D. 1998), Thailand

Keywords: Fishing, Thailand,

Ministerial Regulation No. 10, issued under the Provisions of the Labour Protection Act B.E. 2541 (A.D. 1998) and stipulating labour protection in respect to marine fishing in Thailand (Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, 1998)

Trafficking of Fishermen in Thailand

Keywords: Fishing, IOM, Thailand, trafficking,

This is a report published by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Thailand on the trafficking of fishermen in the Thai fishing industry (IOM, 2011).

Child Labour Report 2015: Migrant Child Labour in the Thai Shrimp Industry

Keywords: Child, child labour, Fishing, Thailand,

This is a report into the involvement of migrant child labour in the Thai shrimp industry (Terre des Hommes International Federation, 2015)

Supply Chained: Human rights abuses in the global tuna industry

Keywords: Fishing, Human Rights,

This is report published by Greenpeace into the human rights abuses in the global tuna industry (Greenpeace, 2015).

A Report of Migrant Children & Child Labourers and Seafood Processing in Thailand's Fishing Industry

Keywords: child labour, Children, Fishing, Migrants, seafood, Thailand,

This is a report produced on the prevalence of migrant children and child labourers in the Thailand seafood processing and fishing industries (terre des hommes Germany and LPN, 2015).

Made in Taiwan: Government Failure and Illegal, Abusive and Criminal Fisheries

Keywords: Fishing, Taiwan,

Research examining acute and enduring problems in Taiwan’s fishing industry, particularly in its distant water fleet, the global impact of its behaviour, and the official response to those problems. Concerns centre on the environmental impacts of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, labour conditions on Taiwanese-flagged vessels, human rights and labour abuses at sea, and overfishing (Greenpeace, 2016)

Thailand's Sea Fishery Workers Act (2015)

Keywords: Fishing, Thailand,

The Sea Fishery Workers Act B.E. 2558 (2015) defines working conditions for workers in Thailand's sea fishing sector (Government of Thailand, 2015)

Report on Human Trafficking, Forced Labour and Fisheries Crime in the Indonesian Fishing Industry

Keywords: Fishing, Indonesia,

Research based on 285 interviews with trafficked fishermen and other data sources providing a glimpse into a far-reaching and well-entrenched criminal industry operating alongside the legitimate fishing industry, and often overlapping (Coventry University, Government of Indonesia, IOM, 2016)

Work in fishing in the ASEAN region: Protecting the rights of migrant fishers

Keywords: ASEAN, Fishing,

Report providing a snapshot of the legislation, policies, support services and tools available to improve the protection of migrant fishers in ASEAN. It seeks to provide valuable, additional information to the existing tools available for policy makers and other stakeholders working towards a stronger system of protection for ASEAN migrant fishers (ILO, 2014)

Pirates and Slaves: How Overfishing in Thailand Fuels Human Trafficking and the Plundering of Our Oceans

Keywords: Fishing, Thailand,

Report bringing together a detailed explanation of how ecosystem decline generates pressures fuelling the widespread use of slavery throughout an industry. It outlines how the collapse of fish stocks in Thailand’s marine capture fisheries has directly contributed to the widespread use of modern slavery in the fishing industry as well as uncontrolled pirate fishing; all in order to meet the demands of the country’s highly lucrative, export-driven seafood sector (Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), 2015)

Sold to the Sea: Human Trafficking in Thailand's Fishing Industry

Keywords: Fishing, Thailand,

Report drawing on investigations into human trafficking, exploitation and human rights abuses in the Thai fishing industry, including interviews with seven former fishing boat workers who had been trafficked from Myanmar (Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), 2013)

Traffickers and Trafficking. Challenges in researching human trafficking operations

Keywords: Fishing, IOM Human trafficking database, labour trafficking, research, seafaring, trafficking, victim assistance, Victim identification,

This research paper was published as part of a collective IOM/NEXUS Institute research series, which seeks to enhance the current knowledge base on human trafficking. The series also aims to assess various methods and approaches to trafficking research in different settings and in response to different situations. This report assesses the knowns and the unknowns in the trafficking world and how these gaps in knowledge can be responded to. (IOM & NEXUS Institute, 2014).