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Recruitment Agencies and the Employment of Cambodian Domestic Workers in Malaysia

Keywords: Cambodia, labour migration, Malaysia, Recruitment agencies,

Research report on the experiences of Cambodian maids who enlisted the services of recruitment agencies to work in Malaysia (UNIAP, 2011)  

An Exploratory Research on the Experiences and Needs of Returned Vietnamese Overseas Migrant Workers

Keywords: labour migration, Recruitment agencies, Vietnam,

Report on a research project by the Center for Studies and Applied Sciences in Gender, Family, Women and Adolescents (CSAGA), seeking to understand the experiences and needs of returned Vietnamese overseas workers who encountered problems during their migration period (CSAGA, 2013)

An Honest Broker: Improving Cross-Border Recruitment Practices for the Benefit of Government, Workers and Employers

Keywords: labour migration, Recruitment agencies,

Report on a three-country research examining the laws and policies on migrant recruitment and analysing the experiences of both formal and informal migrants in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Thailand (ILO, 2008)

Recommended Guidelines for Migrant Recruitment Policy and Practice in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region

Keywords: Cambodia, China, GMS, labour migration, Laos, Myanmar, Recruitment agencies, Thailand, Vietnam,

Guidelines emphasizing the importance of improving recruitment processes in order to encourage safe migration and reduce the potential vulnerability of migrant workers to labour exploitation, including the worst forms of child labour and human trafficking (ILO, IOM, UNIFEM, UNIAP, 2008)

The Role of Recruitment Fees and Abusive and Fraudulent Recruitment Practices of Recruitment Agencies in Trafficking in Persons

Keywords: Recruitment agencies,

Research examining the relationship between recruitment fees and other abusive and fraudulent practices of recruitment agencies and trafficking in persons, with a particular focus on criminal justice measures to address this relationship and whether states use their anti‐trafficking legislation to prosecute persons involved in such recruitment practices (UNODC, 2015)