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SIREN-GMS3: Statistical Methods for Estimating Numbers of Trafficking Victims

Keywords: SIREN, Trafficking estimates competition,

A Summary of winning proposals from a new global competitive initiative to find methods for estimating numbers of trafficking victims in a given geographic area and/or sector (UNIAP, 2008)

SIREN-GMS4: The State of Counter-Trafficking: A Tool for Donors

Keywords: SIREN,

A tool developed following an event by UNIAP, MTV, UNESCO, IOM, ARTIP and ILO to provide an audience of donors, implementing agencies, practitioners, and academics with a comprehensive update on counter-trafficking (UNIAP, 2008)

SIREN-GMS9: The State of Counter-Trafficking Research

Keywords: research, SIREN,

A report prepared by IOM, NEXUS Institute and UNIAP on the key issues and outcomes of of a three-day consultation among anti-trafficking researchers from around the world to take stock of the state of counter-trafficking research. The report is the result of a joint initiative by IOM, the NEXUS Institute and UNIAP (UNIAP, 2011)

Shelter Self-Improvement Toolkit

Keywords: Shelter Self-Improvement, SIREN,

A toolkit to provide policy makers and victim service providers with a basic set of instruments and program guidelines to implement a shelter self-improvement project, to be customized to meet the needs of the localized context, with training provided by experts of international quality standards for rights-based trafficking victims protection services (UNIAP, 2011)

SIREN GMS-1: Introduction to SIREN

Keywords: GMS, SIREN,

Introduction to UNIAP's ' Strategic Information Response Network' (SIREN) Initiative, intended to deliver high quality, responsive, and up-to-date data and analysis on emerging issues within the human trafficking sector in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region (UNIAP, 2007)

SIREN TH-1: From Facilitation to Trafficking

Keywords: labour migration, SIREN, Thailand,

SIREN report on the methods of debt bondage and sub-contracting putting the control of migrant workers in the hands of brokers in Samut Sakhon, Thailand (UNIAP, 2007)

SIREN CB-01: Counter-Trafficking Databases in Cambodia

Keywords: Cambodia, SIREN,

SIREN report identifying the existing government databases containing information on human trafficking in Cambodia, and presenting recommendations for the systematic provision of consistent, reliable and targeted information on the situation of human trafficking relating to Cambodia (UNIAP, 2007)

SIREN CB-02: Exploitation of Cambodian Men at Sea

Keywords: Cambodia, fisheries, labour migration, SIREN,

SIREN report on the analysis of the recruitment and work conditions of eleven Cambodian migrant workers on fishing boats in Thailand (UNIAP, 2007)

SIREN GMS-02: Targeting Endemic Vulnerability Factors to Human Trafficking

Keywords: GMS, Prevention, SIREN,

SIREN report on what makes a person or community vulnerable to human trafficking, looking at the evidence behind common assumptions such as poverty or lack of education (UNIAP, 2007)

SIREN TH-02: What do Lawyers Require to Prosecute Trafficking and Slavery in Thailand?

Keywords: prosecution, SIREN, Thailand,

SIREN report seeking to provide front-line NGOs and authorities with a better understanding of criminal justice procedures and how these groups can work together to more successfully prosecute traffickers, exploiters, and enslavers (UNIAP, 2008)

SIREN: GMS-05: Why Victims of Trafficking Decline Assistance

Keywords: GMS, protection, SIREN,

SIREN report analyzing the situations of trafficking victims and their opinions about the protection services they were or were not offered, for the purpose of identifying potential improvements in victim protection (UNIAP, 2008)

SIREN GMS-06: Raids, Rescue, and Resolution

Keywords: GMS, SIREN,

SIREN report resulting from a technical consultation initiated by UNIAP, ILO and ARTIP to talk practically about raids and rescues and how they fit into the bigger picture of combatting human trafficking and exploitation (UNIAP, 2008)

SIREN UK-01: Raids, Rescue, Resolution

Keywords: SIREN,

SIREN report introducing the methods and experiences of a special anti-trafficking operation in the UK, during which 167 trafficked persons were rescued (UNIAP, 2008)

SIREN CB-03: Exploitation of Cambodian Men at Sea

Keywords: Cambodia, labour migration, Malaysia, SIREN, Thailand,

SIREN report comprising a fact sheet on the recruitment, trafficking and exploitation of Cambodian men onto Thai fishing boats, based on 49 cases of victims who escaped in Thailand or Malaysia and were assisted in their return home (UNIAP, 2009)

SIREN CB-04: Cambodia - Exodus to the Sex Trade?

Keywords: Cambodia, SIREN,

SIREN report on the financial crisis in Cambodia and how it affects the prevalence and patterns of human trafficking (UNIAP, 2009)

SIREN GMS-07: Re-thinking Reintegration

Keywords: (Re)integration, GMS, Phillippines, protection, SIREN, Thailand,

SIREN report on the accounts of Philippine and Thai self-returned and assisted victims of trafficking on their needs, challenges, and desires, and how the reintegration assistance they received helped or hindered their recovery (UNIAP, 2009)

SIREN GMS-08: The Criminal Justice Response to Human Trafficking

Keywords: GMS, prosecution, SIREN,

SIREN report highlighting progress and shortcomings in the criminal justice response to human trafficking in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) (UNIAP, 2010)

SIREN: 2010 Mekong Region Country Datasheets

Keywords: GMS, SIREN,

SIREN publication outlining the trafficking situation and the counter-trafficking responses in each of the countries of the GMS region (UNIAP, 2010)

SIREN TH-03: Trafficking victim participation in the Thai criminal justice process

Keywords: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, prosecution, SIREN, Thailand,

Siren report on a technical consultation in March 2012 amongst criminal justice and victim protection practitioners from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Thailand analyzing the challenges in the criminal justice process on human trafficking in Thailand. The discussions were underpinned by video statements by Myanmar and Cambodian trafficked persons who had previously participated in the judicial process in Thailand (UNIAP, 2013)