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Coming Clean: The prevalence of forced labour and human trafficking for the purpose of forced labour amongst migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong

Keywords: domestic work, Forced Labour, Hong Kong,

Report on a quantitative research based on interviews with over 1,000 migrant domestic workers (MDWs) in Hong Kong and estimating the prevalence of forced labour and human trafficking for the purpose of forced labour amongst over 336,000 MDWs in the city (Hong Kong Justice Centre, 2016)

The New Slave in the Kitchen: Debt Bondage and Women Migrant Domestic Workers in Asia

Keywords: Debt bondage, domestic work,

Research outlining the concept of debt bondage and examining how the situation of women migrant domestic workers often leads into debt bondage and slave-like conditions. It also discusses how governments and other institutions do or don't deal with debt bondage, and provides guidance on the way forward (APWLD, 2011)

Modern Slavery in East Asia: Protecting the rights and promoting the autonomy of domestic migrant workers from Indonesia and the Philippines

Keywords: domestic work, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore,

Research giving insights into the business of migrant domestic work and providing evidence of the systematic exploitation of workers heading to two important destination countries. The report evaluates the experiences of migrants in all steps of the migration process, and analyzes how these experiences have shaped migration outcomes (Farsight, 2016)

Social protection for domestic workers: Key policy trends and statistics

Keywords: domestic work, protection,

Policy paper providing an overview of the global situation of social security provisions for domestic workers in 163 countries; analysing trends, policies and gaps in terms of legal and effective social security coverage for domestic workers; and outlining a compilation and description of international practices of social security schemes for the domestic work sector, including comparative information (ILO, 2016)

Worker, helper, auntie, maid?

Keywords: domestic work, Domestic Workers, Malaysia, Thailand,

This research report focuses on the links between the working conditions as described by migrant domestic workers, and attitudes to migrant and domestic workers as expressed in the media and by employers. The mixed method study employs both quantitative and qualitative data collection tools in order to explore this subject (ILO, UN Women, 2016)