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SIREN-GMS3: Statistical Methods for Estimating Numbers of Trafficking Victims

Keywords: SIREN, Trafficking estimates competition,

A Summary of winning proposals from a new global competitive initiative to find methods for estimating numbers of trafficking victims in a given geographic area and/or sector (UNIAP, 2008)

A Quantitative Analysis on Human Trafficking: The Case of An Giang Province (UNIAP Trafficking Estimates Competition)

Keywords: Trafficking estimates competition, Vietnam,

Research report introducing a heat map of the Vietnamese An Giang province that highlights micro areas with numbers of suspected and identified trafficked persons, including trends over the years 2006, 2007 and 2008, as well as an analysis thereof (An Giang University, 2011)

Measuring the Extent of Sex Trafficking in Cambodia: 2008 (UNIAP Trafficking Estimates Competition)

Keywords: Cambodia, Trafficking estimates competition,

Research report on measuring the numbers and locations of women and children who are trafficked within or into Cambodia for commercial sexual exploitation (Thomas M. Steinfatt & Simon Baker, 2011)