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The Human Cost of Conflict Palm Oil

Keywords: Indonesia, palm oil,

Research examining living and working conditions of labourers on palm oil plantations owned by Indofood, and documenting various exploitative practices carried out by the company. The report also provides recommendations to Indofood, partners and customers of Indofood, financial institutions that engage directly with Indofood, and also the Indonesian government to stop the exploitation of workers on palm oil plantations (Oppuk, Rainforest Action Network & ILRF, 2016)

The Great Palm Oil Scandal: Labour Abuses Behind Big Brand Names

Keywords: exploitation, Indonesia, Labour, palm oil,

This report investigates the palm oil industry in Indonesia and the human rights abuses and labour exploitation that lie therein. The report outlines the experiences of those who work in this industry, as well as how many international corporations are complicit in allowing these conditions to prevail (Amnesty International, 2016)