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SIREN-GMS9: The State of Counter-Trafficking Research

Keywords: research, SIREN,

A report prepared by IOM, NEXUS Institute and UNIAP on the key issues and outcomes of of a three-day consultation among anti-trafficking researchers from around the world to take stock of the state of counter-trafficking research. The report is the result of a joint initiative by IOM, the NEXUS Institute and UNIAP (UNIAP, 2011)

Guide to Ethics and Human Rights in Counter-Trafficking

Keywords: Ethics, Human Rights, research,

A guidebook introducing 7 key ethical principles for anti-trafficking research and programming, and including a number of tools for their practical application (UNIAP, 2008)

COMMIT (Re)Integration Research: Questionnaire

Keywords: (Re)integration, Cambodia, China, COMMIT, GMS, Laos, Myanmar, research, Thailand, Vietnam,

The research instrument used to collect data from trafficked persons for the COMMIT (re)integration research (NEXUS Institute, 2011)