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Moving Towards Decent Sex Work

Keywords: sex work, Thailand,

Research applying existing definitions and recognized standards of decent work, forced labour, unacceptable forms of work and others to the current real working conditions in the Thai sex industry, and extrapolating the number of sex workers working across that continuum (EMPOWER, 2016)

Sex workers speak. Who listens?

Keywords: Global, sex work,

A volume of various contributions addressing the violence, exploitation, abuse, and trafficking present in the sex industries, from the perspective of sex workers themselves (Beyond Trafficking and Slavery (BTS), 2016)

Hit & Run: The impact of anti-trafficking policy and practice on sex workers' human rights in Thailand

Keywords: sex work, Thailand,

Research identifying and documenting the impact of the current Thai anti-trafficking law, policy and practice on sex workers in Thailand; strengthening knowledge and awareness amongst the sex worker community about their legal and human rights; and seeking to build skills to design, carry out and collate research for use in human rights advocacy (EMPOWER, 2012)