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Addressing the impact and effectiveness of anti-trafficking interventions in the criminal justice sector: a discussion paper on issues, obstacles and opportunities

Keywords: anti-trafficking, criminal justice, evaluation, TIP,

This report responds to the growing calls for transparency and accountability within the anti-trafficking sector by investigating the appropriate methods to evaluate impact and effectiveness. The research focuses in particular on measuring the successes and failures of anti-trafficking interventions in the criminal justice sector. (Gallagher et al, 2011)

Reframing trafficking prevention: Lessons from a "Positive Deviance" approach

Keywords: anti-trafficking, NGO, positive deviance, positive deviance inquiry, Trafficking in Persons,

This study presents the results of and learning from a three-year project implemented in Albania by Fafo, Nexus Institute and Different and Equal. The project combines research and practice in an effort to identify innovative approaches to preventing human trafficking, through adaptation and implementation of "positive deviance" methodology (Fafo, NEXUS Institute and Different&Equal, 2015).