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Monitoring Anti-Trafficking (Re)Integration Programmes: A Manual

Keywords: (Re)integration, evaluation, monitoring,

A manual seeking to help fill the gap of information on monitoring and evaluation of anti-trafficking assistance, particularly (re)integration work, based on the work of NGOs currently active in (re)integration assistance in the Balkan region (NEXUS Institute, 2010)

(Re)thinking Trafficking Prevention: A Guide to Applying Behaviour Theory

Keywords: Behavior change communication, evaluation, monitoring, Prevention,

A guidebook highlighting the benefits of behavior theory, developed and refined in other fields, as a basis for stronger program design and evaluation in the anti-trafficking sector (Research Communications Group, ADB, UNIAP, 2011)

A Toolkit for Guidance in Designing and Evaluating Counter-Trafficking Programmes

Keywords: evaluation, Global,

Toolkit for practitioners to put sectoral learning to work and improve their counter-TIP programmes. The tools provided are intended to help strengthen programme design, inform planning for evaluation, and engender formative and summative learning (Inter-Agency Coordination Group against Trafficking in Persons (ICAT), 2016)