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The Vulnerability Report: Human Trafficking in the Greater Mekong Sub-region

Keywords: GMS, migration,

A study by World Vision of migration-related knowledge and behaviors in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) to inform the organization's 'End Trafficking in Persons' (ETIP) program (World Vision, 2014)

The Bangkok Declaration on Irregular Migration (1999)

Keywords: Bangkok Declaration, Irregular Migration, migration, Symposium, Undocumented Migrants,

International Symposium on Migration "Towards Regional Cooperation on Irregular/Undocumented Migration" 21 - 23 April 1999.

Review of the effectiveness of the MOUs in managing labour migration between Thailand and neighbouring countries

Keywords: Cambodia, ILO, Labour, Laos, migration, Myanmar, Thailand,

Review assessing the MOUs signed between Thailand and Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar, and putting forward policy and operational recommendations for more effective MOUs that reflect and complement the changes in the landscape, and will lead to more safe and orderly migration that results in decent work. The assessment and recommendations consider the MOUs’ scope and objectives, the extent to which they meet the needs of workers and employers, and the implementation and review mechanisms (ILO, 2015)

Guidance Note: A Development Approach to Migration and Displacement

Keywords: Displacement, migration,

This is a guideline published in November 2015 outlining the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)'s approach to Migration and Displacement (UNDP, 2015).

Psychosocial and Mental Health Service Provision for Survivors of Trafficking: Baseline Research in the Greater Mekong Subregion and Indonesia

Keywords: GMS, health, Indonesia, IOM, migration, Service provision, trafficking,

This is a report prepared by Sean Devine for the International Organization of Migration, Regional Office Bangkok on the Psychosocial and Mental Health Service Provision for Survivors of Trafficking: Baseline Research in the Greater Mekong Subregion and Indonesia (IOM, 2009).

An Exploratory Study on the Role of Corruption in International Labor Migration

Keywords: corruption, Labour, migration,

An exploratory research examining three illustrative transnational migrant worker recruitment corridors – Nepal to Qatar, Myanmar to Malaysia, and Myanmar to Thailand – to identify the points in the recruitment process where bribes or illicit payments are solicited and paid; the entities implicated; the range and nature of such payments; and the corresponding benefit that accrues to the employers of migrant workers (Verite and The Freedom Fund, 2016)

White Paper: Mainstreaming Migration into Local Development Planning and Beyond

Keywords: Development, Global, migration,

White Paper aiming to identify key success factors that allow for the integration, or mainstreaming, of migration into local development planning (JMDI, 2015)

Migration for Development: A Bottom-Up Approach

Keywords: Development, migration,

Handbook providing tools, advice and recommendations to various stakeholders in the field of migration and development, with a focus on the role and contributions of 'small-scale actors' (JMDI, 2011)