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ILO Convention No. 182 - Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention (1999)

Keywords: child labour, Convention 182, ILO,

ILO Convention No. 182 on Worst Forms of Child Labour aims at prohibition and elimination of the worst forms of child labour.

Child Labour Report 2015: Migrant Child Labour in the Thai Shrimp Industry

Keywords: Child, child labour, Fishing, Thailand,

This is a report into the involvement of migrant child labour in the Thai shrimp industry (Terre des Hommes International Federation, 2015)

A Report of Migrant Children & Child Labourers and Seafood Processing in Thailand's Fishing Industry

Keywords: child labour, Children, Fishing, Migrants, seafood, Thailand,

This is a report produced on the prevalence of migrant children and child labourers in the Thailand seafood processing and fishing industries (terre des hommes Germany and LPN, 2015).

'The Harvest is in My Blood': Hazardous Child Labor in Tobacco Farming in Indonesia

Keywords: child labour, Indonesia, tobacco,

Research including interviews with more than 130 children working on tobacco farms in Indonesia, and documenting major risks that could have long-term consequences on the health and development of child workers. It also discusses the responsibilities of the government as well as tobacco companies in preventing human rights abuses in the tobacco industry (Human Rights Watch, 2016)

Best Response: Auditors' Insights on Child Labor in Asia

Keywords: Asia Pacific, child labour,

Report outlining child labor practices in the supply chains as encountered by auditors. It examines the findings from an auditor survey with 557 auditors from nine countries in Asia, together with the qualitative results from interviews with 40 selected auditors who participated in the survey. The report also identifies the gaps and challenges in preventing and responding to child labor (Center for Child Rights & Corporate Social Responsibility, 2016)

Global Estimates of Child Labour

Keywords: child labour, Global,

Research outlining both the scale and key characteristics of child labour in the world today, as well as changes in the global child labour situation over time. It also discusses key policy priorities in the campaign to reach the 2025 target of ending child labour (ILO, 2017)