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The Role of 'Corruption' in Trafficking in Persons

Keywords: corruption,

Issue Paper outlining patterns of corruption in trafficking in persons focusing mainly on corruption of public officials, and comprising a brief study of relevant international legal instruments. The paper also provides practical guidance on ways, through which corruption in human trafficking can be addressed (Anti-Slavery International, Transparency International, UNODC, 2011)

Myanmar's Suppression of Corruption Act (1948)

Keywords: corruption, Myanmar,

The Suppression of Corruption Act (1948) is Myanmar's domestic law governing corruption (1948).

An Exploratory Study on the Role of Corruption in International Labor Migration

Keywords: corruption, Labour, migration,

An exploratory research examining three illustrative transnational migrant worker recruitment corridors – Nepal to Qatar, Myanmar to Malaysia, and Myanmar to Thailand – to identify the points in the recruitment process where bribes or illicit payments are solicited and paid; the entities implicated; the range and nature of such payments; and the corresponding benefit that accrues to the employers of migrant workers (Verite and The Freedom Fund, 2016)

Modern Slavery and Corruption

Keywords: corruption,

Briefing Paper introducing and examining the relationships between the occurrence of corruption, slavery and human trafficking; the prevailing laws/regulations; various industry sectors, banking and finance; and law enforcement both from a banking and securities enforcement perspective and more the familiar criminal enforcement (Liberty Asia and The Freedom Fund, 2015)