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Human Trafficking & Global Supply Chains

Keywords: global supply chains, human trafficking,

A reference document for the expert meeting convened by Ms. Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, UN Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially women and children. The paper provides an overview of the ways human trafficking can impact global trade and production chains of multinational enterprises. (Verité, 2012)

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Convention on Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Women and Children for Prostitution (2002)

Keywords: Children, Convention, human trafficking, Prostitution, SAARC, Women,

The purpose of this Convention is to promote cooperation amongst Member States so that they may effectively deal with the various aspects of prevention, interdiction and suppression of trafficking in women and children; the repatriation and rehabilitation of victims of trafficking and prevent the use of women and children in international prostitution networks, particularly where the countries of the SAARC region are the countries of origin, transit and destination.

United Nations: A framework for addressing human trafficking in Cambodia

Keywords: Cambodia, human trafficking, trafficking,

This is a publication of the UN Country Team Cambodia for a cohesive approach to addressing human trafficking in Cambodia (Office of the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Cambodia, 2009).

The Mekong Challenge. Human Trafficking: Redefining Demand

Keywords: Children, human trafficking, ILO, Mekong, trafficking, Women,

This is a report published by the ILO's Mekong Sub-regional Project to Combat Trafficking in Children and Women on Destination factors in the trafficking of children and young women in the Mekong sub-region (ILO, 2005).  

Going Home. Challenges in the Reintegration of Trafficking Victims in Indonesia

Keywords: (Re)integration, ASEAN, human trafficking, Indonesia, modern slavery, TIP,

Going Home tracks the uncertain and precarious path toward recovery faced by many victims of human trafficking in Indonesia. It was published with the goal of both assisting trafficking victims as well as increasing effective prevention and control of trafficking (NEXUS Institute, 2016).

Trapped at Sea. Using the Legal and Regulatory Framework to Prevent and Combat the Trafficking of Seafarers and Fishers

Keywords: 3Ps (Prevention, Fishers, human trafficking, International law, Legal and regulatory framework, prosecution, protection, Seafarers,

This research report considers the “three P paradigm” of anti-trafficking and suggests that improved policies, regulation and legislation in these areas have the potential to contribute to helping seafarers and fishers who have been trafficking into the fishing industry (NEXUS Institute, 2013).

Preventing human trafficking: Positive Deviance methodology in practice

Keywords: Albania, anti-trafficking, behavioural and social change, community-based, human trafficking, methodology, positive deviance,

This document discusses the experiences of authors (Rebecca Surtees and Anette Brunovskis) in developing and implementing a trafficking prevention project in a town in Albania, inspired by and drawing on a particular approach to behavioural and social changed called "positive deviance" (PD). It is intended as a resource for practitioners working in the field of trafficking prevention and its goal is to act as a useful knowledge base for others who are considering implementing a similar approach or methodology in anti-trafficking initiatives (NEXUS Institute, Fafo and Different&Equal, 2015)