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For an effective response to human trafficking, it is essential that relevant authorities and organizations have tools at their disposal to guide them in their work. This section aims to share useful tools and guidelines, developed by a variety of anti-trafficking stakeholders, to assist you in your anti-trafficking work.

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Directory of Services for Indonesian Trafficking Victims and Victim/Witnesses: West Java and Jakarta

Keywords: human trafficking, Indonesia, Service provision,

Directory of Services providing information about the services and support available to Indonesian trafficked persons and victim/witnesses in Jakarta and West Java, including where and how to access these services (NEXUS Institute, et al, 2018).

Identification and Referral of Trafficking Victims in Indonesia: Guidelines for Frontline Responders and Multi-Disciplinary Teams at the Village Level

Keywords: human trafficking, Indonesia, referral mechanism, Victim identification,

Guidelines providing step-by step guidance to conduct preliminary identification and immediate referral of a presumed victim as well as information about the process of identification, referral, assistance and being a victim/witness to share with presumed victims (NEXUS Institute, et al, 2018)

Toolkit to Combat Trafficking in Persons

Keywords: Global,

Toolkit seeking to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and information among policymakers, law enforcers, judges, prosecutors, victim service providers and members of civil society who are working at different levels to prevent and combat human trafficking, protect and assist victims, and promote international cooperation (UNODC, 2008)

Code of Conduct for Foreign NGOs: Investigating Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Exploitation & Participating in Rescue of Victims

Keywords: protection, South East Asia,

Code of Conduct attempting to set minimum standards for investigative NGOs operating in Southeast Asia. It seeks to set and uphold professional standards for the protection of victims of trafficking, NGO personnel, the integrity of the criminal justice process and the reputation of all parties in the sector (USAID, Winrock International and Freedom Collaborative, 2017)

Migration for Development: A Bottom-Up Approach

Keywords: Development, migration,

Handbook providing tools, advice and recommendations to various stakeholders in the field of migration and development, with a focus on the role and contributions of 'small-scale actors' (JMDI, 2011)

Supporting the Reintegration of Trafficked Persons: A Guidebook for the Greater Mekong Sub-Region

Keywords: Cambodia, China, GMS, Laos, Myanmar, protection, Thailand, Vietnam,

Guidebook providing a practical tool for service providers in the Greater Mekong Sub-region who support the reintegration of trafficking survivors. It was developed based on the research findings from 'After Trafficking: Experiences and Challenges in the (Re)integration of Trafficked Persons in the Greater Mekong Sub-region' (Nexus Institute, UN-ACT & World Vision, 2017)

Victim Identification and Referral Mechanisms: Common Guidelines for the Greater Mekong Sub-region

Keywords: Cambodia, China, COMMIT, GMS, Laos, Myanmar, referral mechanism, Thailand, Victim identification, Vietnam,

Guidelines developed to assist victim identification and support services through referral mechanisms in the Coordinated Mekong Ministerial Initiative against Trafficking in Persons (COMMIT). The document was developed at a regional level and to guide implementation at national levels in the COMMIT countries. They are founded upon the development of COMMIT policies and experiences, as well as international agreements and good practices (COMMIT, 2016)

Identifying Victims of Trafficking and Associated Forms of Exploitation: Common Indicators for First Responders

Keywords: Cambodia, China, COMMIT, GMS, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Victim identification, Vietnam,

Set of indicators to support rapid and accurate victim identification as developed by the ASEAN and COMMIT Member States, with support from ILO, IOM, AAPTIP and UN-ACT, and adopted by both entities at their Senior Officials Meetings in 2016. The initial screening of possible cases of trafficking will depend on a number of the indicators being apparent, and also the severity of those indicators in a possible given case (COMMIT & ASEAN, 2016)

A Toolkit for Guidance in Designing and Evaluating Counter-Trafficking Programmes

Keywords: evaluation, Global,

Toolkit for practitioners to put sectoral learning to work and improve their counter-TIP programmes. The tools provided are intended to help strengthen programme design, inform planning for evaluation, and engender formative and summative learning (Inter-Agency Coordination Group against Trafficking in Persons (ICAT), 2016)

Migrant Worker Management Toolkit: A Global Framework

Keywords: Global, private sector,

Management tool for multinational companies and employers providing guidance on how to better manage migrant worker issues, from managing risks to better protecting migrant workers’ rights (Business for Social Responsibility, 2010)

Samsung Migrant Worker Guidelines

Keywords: Global, Labour, Migrant Workers,

These guidelines aim to eradicate any existing or potential of forced or coercive labor, slave labor or human trafficking of migrant workers at Samsung or among any of their suppliers (Samsung, 2016)

Guidelines on Forms and Procedures for Identification of Victims of Human Trafficking for Appropriate Service Provision

Keywords: Cambodia, referral mechanism, Victim identification,

Guidelines on criteria, forms and procedures including for referral purposes in the identification and provision of services related to cases of human trafficking, endorsed by the Cambodia National Committee for Counter Trafficking in Persons (NCCT, 2015)

Guiding Principles on Memoranda of Understanding between Key Stakeholders and Law Enforcement Agencies on Counter-Trafficking Cooperation

Keywords: MOU,

Guiding principles designed to serve as a practical tool that will help stakeholders including law enforcement agencies, specialized service providers, NGOs, trade unions, the judiciary, the prosecution services, faith-based organizations and others, when developing counter-trafficking agreements (UN.GIFT & IOM, 2009)

Model Memorandum of Understanding

Keywords: MOU,

Model MoU designed to enhance cooperation between law enforcement agencies and specialist service providers in the provision of assistance to victims of human trafficking, and allowing for different, tailored bilateral agreements to be developed (CBSS, 2011)

Guidelines for the Development of a Transnational Referral Mechanism for Trafficked Persons in Europe

Keywords: referral mechanism,

Guidelines providing practical measures and recommendations for the development of transnational referral mechanisms, complementing and building upon standard operating procedures in this area at the national and local level (ICMPD, 2010)

Operations Manual on the Protection and the Management of Migrant Workers for three Ministries of Lao PDR

Keywords: Coordination, Labour, Lao PDR, Migrant Workers, protection,

Operations Manual on the Protection and the Management of Migrant Workers for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and Ministry of Public Security of Lao PDR. It forms part of tripartite action to protect the rights of migrant workers within and from the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS TRIANGLE) and is supported by Australian Aid and the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

United Nations: A framework for addressing human trafficking in Cambodia

Keywords: Cambodia, human trafficking, trafficking,

This is a publication of the UN Country Team Cambodia for a cohesive approach to addressing human trafficking in Cambodia (Office of the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Cambodia, 2009).

Managing the Risk of Hidden Forced Labour: A guide for companies and employers

Keywords: Forced Labour, trafficking,

Guidelines helping companies and employers identify risks of human trafficking and forced labour and avoid being associated with these unintentionally. The report is intended as an information, risk management and prevention tool (Danish Centre Against Human Trafficking, 2014)

Operational Indicators of Trafficking in Human Beings: Results from a Delphi survey implemented by the ILO and the European Commission

Keywords: European Commission, ILO, indicators, trafficking,

This document contains the operational indicators of trafficking in human beings as published by the ILO and the European Commission (ILO and European Commission, 2009).

Trafficking in Human Beings: Identification of Potential and Presumed Victims. A Community Policing Approach

Keywords: community, trafficking, Victim identification, Victims,

This is the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)'s guidelines on the Identification of Potential and Presumed Victims, a Community Policing Approach (OSEC, 2011).

The Bali Process Policy Guide on Identifying Victims of Trafficking

Keywords: Bali Process, Victim identification,

Guide providing an overview of international and regional standards for the identification and protection of victims of trafficking, drawing extensively on examples of good practices from Bali Process member countries (Bali Process, 2015)

Guidance Note: A Development Approach to Migration and Displacement

Keywords: Displacement, migration,

This is a guideline published in November 2015 outlining the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)'s approach to Migration and Displacement (UNDP, 2015).

Screening for Human Trafficking: Guidelines for Administering the Trafficking Victim Identification Tool (TVIT)

Keywords: trafficking, Victim identification,

This document contains VERA's published Guidelines for Administering the Trafficking Victim Identification Tool (TVIT) (VERA, 2014).

Hard to see, harder to count: Survey guidelines to estimate forced labour of adults and children

Keywords: Forced Labour,

Survey guidelines aiming to provide comprehensive information and tools to enable national statistical offices and research institutes to undertake national surveys on forced labour of adults and/or children (ILO, 2012)

National Referral Mechanisms: Joining Efforts to Protect the Rights of Trafficked Persons

Keywords: NRM, protection,

Handbook setting out a framework for the creation and operation of an effective NRM. It describes the international legal obligations and political commitments that form the basis for establishing an NRM; shows how anti-trafficking measures can be conceived and implemented on a national level through an NRM; and draws on the grass-roots experience of non-governmental organizations and OSCE field operations in fostering the creation of successful NRMs (OSCE/ODIHR, 2004)

Training Manual to Fight Trafficking in Children for Labour, Sexual Abuse and Other Forms of Exploitation

Keywords: Children,

Textbook 1 of a 3-part series to help governments, workers and employers groups, and NGOs and international agencies counter trafficking in children. Textbook 1 focuses on "understanding child trafficking", with textbook 2 addressing "Action against child trafficking at policy and outreach levels" and textbook 3 discussing "Matters of process" (ILO, UNICEF, UN.GIFT, 2009)

Viet Nam Practitioner Forum on the (Re)integration of Victims of Human Trafficking

Keywords: (Re)integration, COMMIT, Vietnam,

Report of the Viet Nam Practitioner Forum on (Re)Integration of Trafficked Persons as held in all six GMS countries, mapping out and analyzing existing (re)integration assistance mechanisms in the (sub-)region as part of the COMMIT (Re)Integration Initiative (UNIAP, 2011)

Thailand Practitioner Forum on the (Re)integration of Victims of Human Trafficking

Keywords: (Re)integration, COMMIT, Thailand,

Report of the Thailand Practitioner Forum on (Re)Integration of Trafficked Persons as held in all six GMS countries, mapping out and analyzing existing (re)integration assistance mechanisms in the (sub-)region as part of the COMMIT (Re)Integration Initiative (UNIAP, 2011)

Recommended Guidelines for Migrant Recruitment Policy and Practice in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region

Keywords: Cambodia, China, GMS, labour migration, Laos, Myanmar, Recruitment agencies, Thailand, Vietnam,

Guidelines emphasizing the importance of improving recruitment processes in order to encourage safe migration and reduce the potential vulnerability of migrant workers to labour exploitation, including the worst forms of child labour and human trafficking (ILO, IOM, UNIFEM, UNIAP, 2008)

(Re)thinking Trafficking Prevention: A Guide to Applying Behaviour Theory

Keywords: Behavior change communication, evaluation, monitoring, Prevention,

A guidebook highlighting the benefits of behavior theory, developed and refined in other fields, as a basis for stronger program design and evaluation in the anti-trafficking sector (Research Communications Group, ADB, UNIAP, 2011)

Monitoring Anti-Trafficking (Re)Integration Programmes: A Manual

Keywords: (Re)integration, evaluation, monitoring,

A manual seeking to help fill the gap of information on monitoring and evaluation of anti-trafficking assistance, particularly (re)integration work, based on the work of NGOs currently active in (re)integration assistance in the Balkan region (NEXUS Institute, 2010)

Guide to Ethics and Human Rights in Counter-Trafficking

Keywords: Ethics, Human Rights, research,

A guidebook introducing 7 key ethical principles for anti-trafficking research and programming, and including a number of tools for their practical application (UNIAP, 2008)

Shelter Self-Improvement Toolkit

Keywords: Shelter Self-Improvement, SIREN,

A toolkit to provide policy makers and victim service providers with a basic set of instruments and program guidelines to implement a shelter self-improvement project, to be customized to meet the needs of the localized context, with training provided by experts of international quality standards for rights-based trafficking victims protection services (UNIAP, 2011)

SIREN-GMS9: The State of Counter-Trafficking Research

Keywords: research, SIREN,

A report prepared by IOM, NEXUS Institute and UNIAP on the key issues and outcomes of of a three-day consultation among anti-trafficking researchers from around the world to take stock of the state of counter-trafficking research. The report is the result of a joint initiative by IOM, the NEXUS Institute and UNIAP (UNIAP, 2011)

SIREN-GMS4: The State of Counter-Trafficking: A Tool for Donors

Keywords: SIREN,

A tool developed following an event by UNIAP, MTV, UNESCO, IOM, ARTIP and ILO to provide an audience of donors, implementing agencies, practitioners, and academics with a comprehensive update on counter-trafficking (UNIAP, 2008)

SIREN-GMS3: Statistical Methods for Estimating Numbers of Trafficking Victims

Keywords: SIREN, Trafficking estimates competition,

A Summary of winning proposals from a new global competitive initiative to find methods for estimating numbers of trafficking victims in a given geographic area and/or sector (UNIAP, 2008)

Preliminary Checklist for Identifying Trafficked Persons (Thailand)

Keywords: Thailand, Victim identification,

A preliminary checklist assisting relevant officials to determine whether a person has been trafficked or not (Thai Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, 2008)

Pamphlet on the Scope and Elements of Victim Identification (Thailand)

Keywords: Thailand, Victim identification,

A pamphlet designed to assist relevant officials to determine whether a person has been trafficked based on the Thai Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act (2008) (Thai Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, 2008)

Recommended Principles and Guidelines on Human Rights and Human Trafficking

Keywords: Human Rights, Palermo Protocol, UNTOC,

Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to the Economic and Social Council on 'Recommended Principles and Guidelines on Human Rights and Human Trafficking' (Economic and Social Council, 2002)

Annotated Guide to the Complete UN Trafficking Protocol

Keywords: Palermo Protocol, UNTOC,

Annotated Guide to the Complete UN Trafficking Protocol providing a tool to assist advocates in the development of a human rights framework for national anti-trafficking laws and policies (International Human Rights Law Group, 2002)

Legislative Guides for the Implementation of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and the Protocol thereto

Keywords: Palermo Protocol, UNTOC,

Legislative Guides for the Implementation of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and the Protocol thereto providing assistance to States seeking to ratify or implement the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (UNTOC) and its supplementary Protocols, including the 'Trafficking in Persons Protocol' (UNODC, 2004)